Study on Clustering-Based Location Dependent Query


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This paper firstly analyzes the importance and necessity of location dependent query in the mobile computing. Then, it proposes a special case in the application of the location dependent query. That is as follows: Inquirers may send the same location dependent query in different but similar positions. However, the server will not deal with them together but treat them separately. Thus, it will not only cause the waste of system resources but also delay disposal of other queries. According to the principal of clustering we propose a new location Analysis Algorithms-similar merging location analysis algorithm (SMLA). By the algorithm, similar queries can be combined into the same query, so as to reduce the load on central servers, improve system efficiency and query processing performance.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 532-533)

Edited by:

Suozhang Cai and Mingli Li




M. J. Wei et al., "Study on Clustering-Based Location Dependent Query", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 532-533, pp. 897-901, 2012

Online since:

June 2012




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