4.9tex × 2 Cotton / Pearl 65/35 High Count Blended Yarn Spinning Process Design


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Pearl fiber is evenly mixed with ultra-fine pearl particles spinning solution of cellulose fibers, made of a blend of functional spinning of regenerated cellulose fiber. This new fiber material not only preserves the beauty of pearls skin function, but also cellulose fiber material with moisture breathable, soft and comfortable, and other features. In this paper, on the basis of understanding of pearls on the fiber properties, being blended with cotton, for pearl yarn fiber blends high technology design. According to the design of spinning yarn spinning process of high principle requires, selecting process, determining the opening and cleaning, carding, combing, drawing, roving, spinning the reasonable parameters of procedures. At the same time, the problems in the spinning process and technical measures to be described. Include optimizing the process configuration, temperature and humidity control, choose the appropriate spinning equipment. For the development of high functional pearl textiles, clothing to meet consumer comfort, functionality needs make a help.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 535-537)

Edited by:

Chunxiang Cui, Yali Li and Zhihao Yuan




J. Li and Y. Wang, "4.9tex × 2 Cotton / Pearl 65/35 High Count Blended Yarn Spinning Process Design", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 535-537, pp. 1560-1563, 2012

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June 2012





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