Hydrothermal Synthesis of 3-Dimensional Flower-Like Y2O3:Eu3+ Microstructures and the Luminescence Properties


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In this work, 3-dimensional flower-like Y2O3:Eu3+ microstructures were synthesized through a facile route using simple hydrothermal reaction and sequentially calcinations without templates or matrix. The flower-like micro-architectures are self-assembled by nanosheets with thickness of about 50 nm and diameter about 3-5 μm, which were verified by the field-emission electron microscopy (FESEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM). The as-synthesized Y2O3:Eu3+ samples show a strong red emission due to 5D0-7F2 transition (612nm), suggesting potential applications in red phosphors.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 535-537)

Edited by:

Chunxiang Cui, Yali Li and Zhihao Yuan




Y. Y. Ruan et al., "Hydrothermal Synthesis of 3-Dimensional Flower-Like Y2O3:Eu3+ Microstructures and the Luminescence Properties", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 535-537, pp. 411-414, 2012

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June 2012




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