The Influence of Composition on the Material Structure and Performance of 3104 Aluminum-Alloy Canbody Material


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Effect of content of Fe,Si and Fe/Si on Structure and Properties of 3014 can-body were studied by using tensile test, stamping test, SEM, XRD, etc. The results show that:(1) The sum of Cube and Goss texture in 3104 aluminum-alloy canbody is about 40%. The influence of brass texture{011}, S texture{123}, copper texture Cu{112}, cube texture{001} and Goss texture{011} is balanced, resulting in ears in 8 directions and low earing rate. Fe/Si of 1.8 possesses less content of Brass compared to Fe/Si of 3.2 ,and less earing rate; (2)The phase size of compound particles of Al(Fe,Mn,Si) in the second phase of 3104 aluminum-alloy canbody shouldn’t exceed 22μm, Lumpy compound particles will compromise the life of moulds.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 535-537)

Edited by:

Chunxiang Cui, Yali Li and Zhihao Yuan




R. Y. Huang et al., "The Influence of Composition on the Material Structure and Performance of 3104 Aluminum-Alloy Canbody Material", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 535-537, pp. 987-991, 2012

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June 2012




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