Analysis of Plastic Strain versus Different Depth between Two Fractal Surfaces under Different Deformation Characteristics


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A three-dimensional contact model was established between two isotropic rough surfaces exhibiting fractal behavior,and the equivalent plastic strain was discussed using the finite element analysis. The maximum equivalent plastic strain and its depth are presented with the different paths of rough solid when loading. The result showed that the equivalent plastic strain versus different depth which at different locations showed different laws, in the top area of the asperities versus different depth, the maximum equivalent plastic strain occurs in the subsurface which range about 5 um from the surface. In addition, with different deformation characteristics, the degree of the equivalent plastic strain was different. The contact model between two rough solids will lay a foundation to further research on the substance of the process of friction and wear.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 538-541)

Edited by:

Liancheng Zhao, Haowei Wang and Changfa Xiao




L. F. Lai et al., "Analysis of Plastic Strain versus Different Depth between Two Fractal Surfaces under Different Deformation Characteristics", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 538-541, pp. 265-268, 2012

Online since:

June 2012




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