Pulsed LASER Deposition of MgO Thin Films


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MgO thin films were deposited by Pulsed Laser deposition using different process parameter. The characteristics were investigated via X-Ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM). It is found that the thin film surface morphology and thickness are different. It was found that the different process parameters such as chamber gas pressure, substrate temperature, LASER energy and number of pulses greatly influence the characteristics of the thin films obtained. The thin films have very low thicknesses of 97, 187 and 193 nm.



Edited by:

Norlida Kamarulzaman




N. Kamarulzaman and N. Badar, "Pulsed LASER Deposition of MgO Thin Films", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 545, pp. 38-42, 2012

Online since:

July 2012





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