Simulation Study on Harmonic Current Based on Matlab


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This article use emulation software MATLAB to design the Fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm. And utilize the algorithm to analyze the current frequency of power grid. This paper draws the block diagrams of the algorithm realization, and explains part of the thought of the procedures of the software realization under MATLAB environment, and also establishes the complete concept from algorithm theories to program realization. Then, analyses the harmonic component based on the procedures. Finally, comes to a conclusion that we can reduce the amplitude errors by adding the window function.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 546-547)

Edited by:

Webo Zhang




N. Cao et al., "Simulation Study on Harmonic Current Based on Matlab", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 546-547, pp. 254-259, 2012

Online since:

July 2012




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