The Influence of Frequency Synchronization Error on SAR Imaging and ATI Moving Target Detection


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The influence of frequency synchronization error on SAR imaging and moving target detection using Along-Track Interferometry (ATI) is researched. The expression of frequency synchronization error and its influence on SAR imaging is analyzed in detail firstly. Then, the basic theory of ATI to detect moving targets is introduced in brief, the ATI in range-Doppler domain is given and the influence of frequency synchronization error on the interferometric phase in range-Doppler domain is analyzed. The influence of three kinds of frequency synchronization error is given: the main lobe shift from the inherent frequency error, the main lobe expansion from the linear frequency error, and the sidelobe rise from the sinusoidal frequency error. Simulation is used to confirm the analysis.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 546-547)

Edited by:

Webo Zhang




S. B. Li et al., "The Influence of Frequency Synchronization Error on SAR Imaging and ATI Moving Target Detection", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 546-547, pp. 702-707, 2012

Online since:

July 2012




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