The Application of Spatial Super Resolution to Detect and Resolve Signal in Ship Borne OTHR


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As an essential branch of over the horizon radar (OTHR), ship borne OTHR contains several important issues, the most significant one of which is how to detect and resolve signal from the broadened first order Bragg lines of unexpected platform motion in the same Doppler resolution cell. In this paper, a theory is proved that the signal’s azimuth is different from the first order sea clutters’ in the same Doppler resolution cell, based on which the spatial super resolution could be used to detect and resolve signal from the first order sea clutters in the echo spatial spectrum. In the ocean, the environment is much more complicated, the signals are also coherent of the widespread multi path effects and the noises are spatial correlated between array elements. MUSIC is failed in this field. Symmetric forward and back spatial smoothing (SFBSS) algorithm is proposed in this paper. The correctness and efficiency are proved by our simulation. This method has a high accuracy and a certain actual value to detect and resolve signal in ship borne OTHR.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 546-547)

Edited by:

Webo Zhang




L. Li and Y. S. Yuan, "The Application of Spatial Super Resolution to Detect and Resolve Signal in Ship Borne OTHR", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 546-547, pp. 746-752, 2012

Online since:

July 2012





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