Improved Electrical Conducting Wires for SOFCs


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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) have attracted a number of researchers due to their efficiency as alternative energy devices. Studies have been conducted to investigate different components of the SOFCs to improve the performances. Current collecting wires are the components which have affected the overall performance. Since SOFCs are normally operated in the temperature range of 700-1000 °C in dual atmospheres, the wiring material must be able to function at this condition. Currently, the material used to make the wires is platinum because of its high electrical conductivity, high melting point and oxidation resistant. However, platinum is expensive, especially for the practical operation of SOFCs. Silver could be an alternative choice due to its very high electrical conductivity. Nevertheless, the melting point of silver is rather low (900-960 °C). In our study, a modified silver current collecting wire has been used in the temperature range of 100-1000 °C. Their conductivity curves have demonstrated higher performances in comparison with the systems employing Pt and gold wires. In addition, the cost is reduced approximately 800-1000 times from that of the traditional material used.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 55-57)

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Tawee Tunkasiri






M. Masomtob et al., "Improved Electrical Conducting Wires for SOFCs", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 55-57, pp. 797-800, 2008

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August 2008




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