Defect-Induced Properties of Doped Alpha Alumina Samples


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The dielectric constant values of a set of synthetic alpha alumina samples doped with Cr and Be were determined using parallel plate method. The voltage frequency was selected at 1 MHz. When Cr was doped to the sample, the dielectric constant was increased due to the increase in polarizations of the sample, whereas the Be-doped one showed the decrease in dielectric constant cf. the undoped synthetic alpha alumina (reference sample). Experiments on doping alpha alumina with both elements showed increasing in dielectric constant compared to the undoped reference sample, i.e., Cr has more influence to the dielectric constant value. Dielectric constants of a set of natural sapphires were also measured and compared to those obtained from the synthetic ones. The results of both natural and synthetic samples varied in the same direction. It suggests, however, that the geological origins of the samples are needed to be considered. This is due to the differences in physico-chemical conditions of their formations that would have influenced partitioning of trace elements as well as evolving of defects in natural samples. Increasing of the R1 and R2 photoluminescence wavelengths and decreasing of refractive indices of the doped samples cf. those of the reference sample were obtained from the experiments.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 55-57)

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Tawee Tunkasiri






P. Jantaratana et al., "Defect-Induced Properties of Doped Alpha Alumina Samples", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 55-57, pp. 801-804, 2008

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August 2008




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