Application of Lignosulfonate in 40% Myclobutanil Wettable Powder


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Lignosulfonate (LS) is an important dispersant for wettable powder (WP). Though domestic products of lignosulfonate in China are very cheap compared to imported products, their performance is often inferior. Two modified products GCL4-1 and GCL4-A, from sodium lignosulfonate and alkali lignin respectively, were developed and their dispersive effects on the performance of 40% myclobutanil wettable powder (WP) were studied compared with the imported product Borresperse Na and the domestic product SXMN. Results show that GCL4-1 and GCL4-A have superior performance in these properties: suspensibility, wettability, surface tension, contact angle and solution retention. GCL4-A was found to be a suitable dispersant for the wettable powder pesticide for it has the best performance per unit price.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 550-553)

Edited by:

Zili Liu, Feng Peng and Xiaoguo Liu




W. N. Wen et al., "Application of Lignosulfonate in 40% Myclobutanil Wettable Powder", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 550-553, pp. 46-50, 2012

Online since:

July 2012




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