Kinetic Model of Semibatch Polymerization with ABg Monomer and Bƒ Core


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The kinetics of semibatch polymerization (i.e. slow monomer addition) with ABg monomer and Bf core was developed. The analytical expressions of molecular parameters, such as the molecular size distribution function, the average degree of polymerization and polydispersity index, were derived, which dependent on the structure of monomer and core molecule used. The molecular parameters are adjustable by selecting suitable core functionality (f), monomer functionality (g) and core/monomer ratio (α). Comparison with the batch (one-pot) polymerization indicates that the semibatch polymerization can extremely narrow the molecular weight distribution for the products made of ABg monomer and Bf core.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 554-556)

Edited by:

Shuang Chen, Zhao-Tie Liu and Qingzhu Zeng




Z. P. Zhou and M. J. Wu, "Kinetic Model of Semibatch Polymerization with ABg Monomer and Bƒ Core", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 554-556, pp. 172-176, 2012

Online since:

July 2012




* - Corresponding Author

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