Gas-Phase Methanol Carbonylation for Dimethyl Ether and Acetic Acid Co-Production


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Gas-phase methanol carbonylation over HMOR catalyst was investigated for the synthesis of dimethyl ether (DME) and acetic acid (HOAc). The results revealed that the selectivity of DME reached 98% and the methanol conversion was 45% under the reaction temperature of 493K. While, the selectivity of HOAc was 30% and the methanol conversion reached 80% when reaction temperature was increased to 573K. TEM, SEM, XRD, N2 physisorbtion, XPS and TG-DTG measurements were performed to characterize the texture and structure of the catalyst. Serious coking on the catalyst surface significantly limited the utilization of unmodified HMOR catalyst in the reaction.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 554-556)

Edited by:

Shuang Chen, Zhao-Tie Liu and Qingzhu Zeng




B. Ru et al., "Gas-Phase Methanol Carbonylation for Dimethyl Ether and Acetic Acid Co-Production", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 554-556, pp. 760-763, 2012

Online since:

July 2012




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