Effects of Process Parameters on Microstructure and Properties of TiC Reinforced Cu-Matrix Composites


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TiC/Cu composites were prepared by means of high-energy ball mill and cold-press sintering. Confirming the better process parameters, the effects of the milling time and sintered temperature on microstructure, mechanical properties and electric conductivity of TiC/Cu composites was discussed. The shape of the composite grains changed from laminar to spherical and lattice distortion increased with the milling time increasing. The increase of the sintering temperature and TiC contents help to decrease porosity and density of the composites. With increasing of TiC mass fraction the bend strength increased first and then decreased,the peaks both appear in 10wt. %. The increasing of the sintering temperature is beneficial to improve the bend strength. Ball milled 15h the electric conductivity performs at optimum level. When the milling reached 24h, fine particles appear agglomeration and it shows a low level of the electric conductivity.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 557-559)

Edited by:

Hongbing Ji, Yixin Chen and Shengzhou Chen




J. Yan and K. Y. Jiang, "Effects of Process Parameters on Microstructure and Properties of TiC Reinforced Cu-Matrix Composites", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 557-559, pp. 318-323, 2012

Online since:

July 2012




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