Simulation and Research of a Thermal Type Liquid Flow Sensor


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A flow sensor for liquids, based on the principle of fluid-structure heat transfer is presented. The heater and thermistor are integrated and wrapped together as a detector and heat source, allowing heat exchange between the sensor and the fluid. Through numerical simulation, the temperature distribution of the sensor was investigated, under conditions of various flow velocities. The process of turbulent heat transfer in the flow pipe was simulated, the temperature distribution in the sensor was analyzed and compared under different temperature and velocity of the fluid, and the corresponding measuring ranges were determined. The flow detection circuit is designed and the results of water flow velocity tests in the range of (0.01–1)m/s are presented.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 562-564)

Edited by:

Liu Feng




F. Tian et al., "Simulation and Research of a Thermal Type Liquid Flow Sensor", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 562-564, pp. 1213-1217, 2012

Online since:

August 2012




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