Advances in Abrasive Technology XV

Volume 565

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Bo Wu, L. Jiao, Hui Ru Guo, M. Fujimoto, K. Shimada

Abstract: This paper aims to develop an alternative novel technique for the high efficiency and ultrafine surface finishing of fused silica glass. A...

Authors: Tomoyuki Ueno, Tomoyuki Ishimine, Kenji Matsunuma, Takao Nishioka, Yasushi Mochida, Yoshiyuki Shimada

Abstract: Soft magnetic powder cores are materials manufactured by pressing pure iron powder covered with insulating film into shape. These are widely...

Authors: Shinichi Iba, Kazuhito Ohashi, Kazuyuki Honiden, Iwao Kitajima, Shinya Tsukamoto

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to develop the environment-friendly coolant. Cylindrical plunge grinding tests are carried out using alkaline...

Authors: Yutaro Ebina, Wei Hang, Li Bo Zhou, Jun Shimizu, Teppei Onuki, Hirotaka Ojima, Yoshiaki Tashiro

Abstract: This paper reports our recent results on the diamond grinding process of single crystallized sapphire wafers. It was found that the diamond...

Authors: Nobuhito Yoshihara, Hiroaki Murakami, Naohiro Nishikawa, Masahiro Mizuno, Toshirou Iyama

Abstract: Roughness is important criterion of ground surface. When the surface roughness is demanded to be smooth, it is required to make the grinding...

Authors: Manabu Iwai, Yuya Kazui, Shinichi Ninomiya, Kiyoshi Suzuki

Abstract: A vitrified bonded diamond wheel having electrical conductivity was manufactured on a trial basis. The electrically conductive (EC)...

Authors: Kazuhito Ohashi, Yusaku Kawasuji, Yoshifumi Shinji, Yoshitaka Samejima, Soma Ogawa, Shinya Tsukamoto

Abstract: Single-layered metal bond diamond wheels are useful to high efficient grinding of difficult-to-grind materials because of the high gripping...

Authors: Z.Z. Chen, Wen Feng Ding, Jiu Hua Xu, C.J. Song, Y.C. Fu, C.Y. Yang

Abstract: Fabrication experiments of porous composite-bonded CBN wheels were conducted using alumina (Al2O3) bubbles, CBN grains, Cu-Sn-Ti alloy and...

Authors: Takazo Yamada, Hwa Soo Lee, Kohichi Miura

Abstract: In grinding operation, elastic deformations of the grinding machine and the grinding wheel induce a residual stock removal of workpiece. On...


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