Porous Composite-Bonded CBN Grinding Wheel with Alumina Bubbles


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Fabrication experiments of porous composite-bonded CBN wheels were conducted using alumina (Al2O3) bubbles, CBN grains, Cu-Sn-Ti alloy and graphite particles. Influence of sintering parameters and porosity on the bending strength of the CBN composite blocks was measured and analyzed. Dressing and grinding practice was carried out. The results show that the optimal sintering temperature of the CBN composite blocks is 880°C. When the porosity of composite blocks is 8-45 %, the strength reaches 51-103 MPa. Regular shape of the pores is obtained after dressing. Both the grinding force and grinding temperature of the composite-bonded CBN wheel are lower than that of the vitrified one under the same grinding condition, which indicates the better grinding performance of the new-type porous composite-bonded CBN wheel.



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Y.F. Zhang, D.L. Butler, J. Wang, X.P. Li, A. Yui and L. Zhou




Z.Z. Chen et al., "Porous Composite-Bonded CBN Grinding Wheel with Alumina Bubbles", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 565, pp. 46-51, 2012

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September 2012




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