Advances in Abrasive Technology XV

Volume 565

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Inigo Pombo, Jose Antonio Sánchez, E. García, N. Ortega, B. Izquierdo, Soraya Plaza

Abstract: The use of fluids in grinding is necessary to carry out an optimized process that avoids any kind of damage in the ground workpieces....

Authors: Jia Ming Ni, Bei Zhi Li, Jing Zhu Pang

Abstract: There has been increased interest in the use of advanced ceramic materials such as silicon carbide in the recent past, due to its unique...

Authors: Kyeong Tae Kim, Yun Hyuck Hong, Kyung Hee Park, Young Jae Choi, Seok Woo Lee, Hon Jong Choi

Abstract: In this work, grinding test was performed in terms of machining parameters, such as grinding speed, feed rate, etc., in order to study...

Authors: Young Jae Choi, Kyung Hee Park, Yun Hyuck Hong, Kyeong Tae Kim, Seok Woo Lee, Hon Jong Choi

Abstract: In this paper, a ultrasonic horn, which can vibrate longitudinally with a frequency of 20㎑, was designed using finite element method (FEM)....

Authors: Z.G. Dong, F.J. Ma, Ren Ke Kang, K. Su

Abstract: The surface integrity of the machined components of the high volume fraction SiC particle reinforced Al composites (SiCp/Al) is important as...

Authors: Bo Zhao, Ping Yan Bian, Yu Li

Abstract: Based on nonlocal theory, The effects of ultrasonic frequencies on the grinding force and nonlocal decay rate are obtained through the...

Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, L.F. Liu, Chun Hui Li

Abstract: In this paper, the principle of ultrasonic assisted grinding is introduced. Experiments have been done to reveal the effect of different...

Authors: Jie Wu, Yan Chen, Yu Can Fu, Lan Ying Ding, Kai Chen

Abstract: During dry grinding of titanium alloy, workpiece burn and chips adhesion phenomenon always takes place, which influences the surface quality...

Authors: Wan Shan Wang, Bao Gang Zhang, Hai Feng Zhao, Wei Wang, Hu Li

Abstract: Medical titanium plates with smooth surface will be long-standing in body under the condition of free state when it used for bone fixation....

Authors: Xue Zhi Wang, Tian Biao Yu, Ya Hong Song, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: The carrying of Liquid hybrid bearing for ultra-high speed grinding is complex. The oil film temperature distribution in different input...


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