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Authors: Dao Feng Zhou, Xiu Min Yu, Long Bao, Li Feng Zhao, Wan Qiang Qi
Abstract: In order to precisely control the injection responsivity of the Gasoline Direct Injection(GDI)engine,a higher requirement of the injector drive circuit should be achieved[5]. This paper introduces a new design of driving circuit for the injector of the EA888 engine. the thesis creates a simulation model of BOOST converter circuit using multisim simulation tool, Simulation results show that voltage ripple is less than 10%.The characteristics of GDI injector are measured and analyzed , the feasibility of the driving circuit is verified.
Authors: Meng Yang Qin, Bang Yan Ye, Bo Wu
Abstract: This paper gives the details of turning experiments on AISI 1045 steel by using various cutting fluid and liquid nitrogen condition. Residual stress on machined surface is generated in rough machining and fine machining with different rounded cutting edge radius. The effects of cutting fluid and liquid nitrogen on residual stress state are obtained by compared with dry cutting. Experimental results show that cutting fluid and liquid nitrogen have influence on machined residual stressl and liquid nitrogen generates residual compressive stress in all specimens.
Authors: Jian Jun Zhang, Jian Yong Sun, Ming Li, Hai Juan Chang
Abstract: For deriving the vibration environmental test conditions of materiels in the limited field measured data, a bootstrap method is firstly employed to evaluate the upper tolerance limit of the vibration power spectral density (PSD). Firstly for the simulation data from the normal distribution, the bias-corrected bootstrap method and the bootstrap-t method are validated to attain the appropriate upper limits for the small sample data through comparing the evaluations with the true values. Secondly for the 10 and 90 flight measurements of some aircraft, the upper tolerance limits of vibration PSD have been estimated by the above method and the traditional computation methods of MIL-STD-810F and GJB126. The result shows the bootstrap method fits the actual vibration environment better than other two methods and it has a wide application in the determination of vibration test conditions based on the small field measure data.
Authors: Megumi Uryu, Katsuyuki Kida, Takashi Honda, Edson Costa Santos, Kenichi Saruwatari
Abstract: In order to understand the phenomena caused by the contact stresses occurring within surface, non-destructive methods that can be related to contact conditions are necessary. The main purpose of this work is to study the relationship between magnetization location and direction, spherical Hertzian contact and changes in the magnetic field asymmetry. In the present work, we used a newly developed GaAs film sensor-equipped scanning Hall probe microscope (SHPM) and observed magnetic fields in tool steel plates before and after contact tests under 196N load, at room temperature in air. Medium carbon low alloy steels specimens (JIS S45C) were used in the experiments. Around the contact test area, changes in ‘S’ and ‘N’ poles generated by magnetization using a square magnet block were investigated.
Authors: Guang Peng Zhang, Yao Hui Sang, Chun Guo, Jing Zhang, Yan He
Abstract: The overall performace of a reconfigurable machine tool strcture is affected by its reconfigurable schemes. It is significant to predict a machine tool structure performance for choosing the reconfigurable scheme of reconfigurable machine tools. The boundary element model of a thick plate bending is built basing on the Hu Hai-chang theroy which is pulled in the foundation of Reissner theory. Then the boundary integral equation and its fundamental solutions are given out and calculations of singular integration on boundary are presented. Finally the analysis method of a reconfigurable machine tool structure is established based on the thick plate bundary element modal. Case study shown that the proposed analysis method of the reconfigural machine tool structure is effective.
Authors: Bo Zhong
Abstract: Pressure component of the magnetic base with gray cast iron strength analysis methods and intensity conditions the calculation there are obvious flaws and inadequacies. Test, analysis of this issue, the introduction of the internal friction, calculate and analyze the effective value of the internal friction angle φ to obtain a more accurate, more in line with the actual strength conditions
Authors: Hua Dong Zang
Abstract: This paper introduces the use of PLC control technology design and development of eight sightseeing elevator system, the completion of the operation of the elevator, elevator doors closed, both inside and outside the box sedan features such as call response; combination of general-purpose inverter, completed VVVF elevator to achieve double-speed operation, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of the elevator, saving valuable time passengers; through the voice circuit at departure and arrival stations broadcast information floors; the use of touch screen technology designed chair called box, alarm function, In addition, the use of configuration Wang software development elevator remote monitoring system, remote monitoring device through the elevator lifts running real-time monitoring to ensure the normal operation, greatly enhanced the safety and reliability.
Authors: Ramzi Fraga, Sheng Liu, Said Leghmizi
Abstract: The purpose of this work is to prove the influence of the rudder time constant on the ship motion; the results can guide us to the utility to have fast actuators to manipulate the rudder. In this paper, ship equations of horizontal motion are presented. These equations, called dynamic model, permit to know the position and the heading of the ship during maneuvering tests. The dynamic model is simulated for turning path and zigzag tests; every test is done for two rudder time constants.
Authors: Md. Abdus Samad, Jia Uddin, Md. Razu Ahmed
Abstract: Attenuated side lobe peak in the range of around ~-45dB is required in many applications of signal processing and measurements. However, the problem is usual window based FIR filter design lies in its side lobes amplitudes that are higher than the requirement of application. We propose a modified Lanczos window function by heuristic by examining the Lanczos window, which has better performance like equiripple, minimum side lobe compared to the several commonly used windows. The proposed window has slightly larger main lobe width of the commonly used Hamming window, while featuring 5.1~18.5 dB smaller side lobe peak. The proposed modified Lanczos window maintains its maximum side lobe peak about -55.2~-51.9 dB compared to -39~-36.7 dB of Hamming window for M=10~14, while offering roughly equal main lobe width. Our simulated results also show significant performance upgrading of the proposed modified Lanczos window compared to the Kaiser, Gaussian, and Lanczos windows. The proposed modified Lanczos window also shows better performance than Dolph-Chebyshev window. Finally, the example of designed low pass FIR filter confirms the efficiency of the proposed modified Lanczos window.

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