Metallurgy Technology and Materials

Volume 567

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Man Luo, Yang Jiang, Zhi Hui Xing

Abstract: In order to avoid the damage of structure caused by the vibration, the natural frequency and vibration mode figure of the stiffness...

Authors: Jian Huang, Yi Min, Cheng Jun Liu, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: To improve the quality controlling of pipeline steel and to avoid mis-down grade, the cleaness including content of non-metallic inclusions,...

Authors: Ling Cheng, De Gui Zhu, Ying Gao, Wei Li, Bo Wang

Abstract: Alumina reinforced aluminum matrix composites (Al-5wt.%Si-Al2O3) fabricated by powder metallurgy through hot isotactic...

Authors: Zhong Hui Ye, Qing Lin, Hai Fu Huang, Yun He, Shao Hong Chen

Abstract: The cyano-bridged complexe [Gu(en)x]yMA[Fe(CN)6]z·nH2O(MA=K+) have been synthesized. In the compound [Cu(en)2][KFe(CN)6]·H2O, we shows...

Authors: Hua Qing Wang, Rui Li, Cheng Xuan Xiang

Abstract: Nanosized ZnO was prepared successfully by solid phase coordination chemistry reaction and characterized by XRD and TEM techniques. The...

Authors: Cheng Lin Li, Dong Geun Lee, Wen Jun Ye, Xu Jun Mi, Yong Tae Lee

Abstract: The microstructure evolution of a new designed metastable beta Ti-9.2Mo-2Fe alloy during aging treatment was investigated by TEM. The...

Authors: Hai Bo Wang, Xi Bao Wang, Hui Li

Abstract: In this paper, metal reduction preparation of TiB2 powder via magnesium reduction and aluminothermic reduction were studied. The carbon rod...

Authors: Jung Hwa Seo, Dong Geun Lee, Cheng Lin Li, Xu Jun Mi, Yong Tae Lee

Abstract: Microstructure characterization and hardening behavior of a new designed Ti-12.1Mo-1Fe alloy during solution and aging treatment was...

Authors: Z.L. Li, J.Y. Zhou, Z.P. Wang, J.H. Gu, Y.W. Zhang, Y.X. Wei

Abstract: Indium oxide flowerlike films were prepared on glass substrate by a simple chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating technique. The results...


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