Aging Behaviors of Ti-Al-Mo-Fe Titanium Alloy


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Ageing behaviors and microstructural characterization by aging condition of Ti-Al-Mo-Fe alloy was investigated. Due to the formation of ω phase, it occurs a drastic change in mechanical properties of β alloys. There is large increasing in hardness and yield strength, accompanied with serious ductility reduction. However, it has been proved that proper control of ω phase volume fraction can bring to improve strength with a reasonable ductility. In this work new beta titanium alloy was designed and developed in Ti-Al-Mo-Fe alloy to investigate the hardening behavior of ω and α precipitation during aging. The results showed that a small amount of athermal ω was observed in the β matrix during water quenching from above the β transus temperature. Isothermal ω formation was also found during aged at temperatures ranging from 573 K to 773 K although it has a limited time of stability at 773 K. The hardening due to isothermal ω precipitation exhibits no over-aging effect as long as ω phase exists inside the matrix. The hardness of this alloy is very sensitive to size and volume fraction of ω phase and its existence, which depends on aging temperature, time and alloy compositions.



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Tony Sun




D. G. Lee et al., "Aging Behaviors of Ti-Al-Mo-Fe Titanium Alloy", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 567, pp. 102-104, 2012

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September 2012




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