Advanced Research on Civil Engineering and Material Engineering

Volume 568

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Wei Ding, Xiang Zhang

Abstract: As construction industrialization is springing up in our country, precast concrete frame structure,as a result,has been developing rapidly....

Authors: Xin Jun Guo, Zhi Sheng Xu, Yan Zhang

Abstract: Fire resistant behavior is one the main properties of shield tunnel segment in civil engineering. The main objective is to study the...

Authors: Xiang Zhang, Fan Zhang

Abstract: The pyrolysis kinetics properties of three kinds of woods, pinus koraiensis, hemlock and spruce, which were taken from the ancient building,...

Authors: Ding Guo Zhao, Jian Sheng Li, Shu Huan Wang, Hong Wei Liu, Zhi Xin Tong, Fei Peng Wu

Abstract: The paper analyzed the sulfur in steel for civil engineering in 150t converter in TangSteel. Based on the analysis of desulfurization...

Authors: Zai Xi Yu, Jing Cao, Hui Min Zhao

Abstract: The poor engineering properties of peaty soil are unfavourable for engineering construction. Based on field test datum, the mechanical...

Authors: Min Zhang, Xiang Zhang, Cheng Cai Wu, Min Min Xi

Abstract: Manual arc welding is widely used in all kinds of welding material in the civil engineering because of their stable performance...

Authors: Ling Li Fan

Abstract: The data of soil moisture in layer of 0-50cm, precipitation, temperature, sunshine hours and cloudiness in 2011 in Gaoyao were analyzed. The...

Authors: Jing Hui Ma, Yan Gao

Abstract: The aim of the present study is to clarify the actual conditions of indoor thermal environment with building materials, which built after...

Authors: Yu Zhuo Jia, Li Lin

Abstract: SAP2000 structural analysis software is used to designed two of 500kV partially prestressed reactive powder concrete pole cross arm;...


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