Analytical Techniques of Case and Pad for 5-Pad Tilting Pad Bearing


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As the pad of a tilting pad bearing has invisible, three dimensional complicated movements around its pivot point inside the bearing case, its contact surface is difficult to establish. The loading points inside the bearing case are also not easy to predict accurately. This paper presents practical analysis techniques and loading conditions for the pad and bearing case of a tilting pad bearing in the structural analysis to meet the actual operating conditions. The analysis for the pad is conducted by applying the pressure of lubricant to the whole pad surface and constraining the circumferential degrees of freedom at nodes around the pivot. Part of the pad of boundary condition is hydraulic of practically applied lubricant and contact area of pivot and the rotational degree of freedom in line with circumferential. It is proposed to using of external case boundary condition 4 pads and 5 pads. Points of the case, combined with the pad are applied to the actual load. The result of analysis, the reliability of the pad and the case was obtained, because stress distribution is nearly identical with the actual phenomenon.



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Jing Guo




M. J. Shin et al., "Analytical Techniques of Case and Pad for 5-Pad Tilting Pad Bearing", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 569, pp. 620-623, 2012

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September 2012




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