Advanced Materials for Applied Science and Technology II

Volume 570

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yawar Jamil Adeel, Ahsan Irshad Muhammad, Azmat Zeeshan

Abstract: Hyperelastic material simulation is necessary for proper testing of products functionality in cases where prototype testing is expensive or...

Authors: Amir Sultan, Riffat Asim Pasha, Sayyid Masood Ur Rehman Shah, Haris Ali, Asim Zulfiqar

Abstract: Single-edged notched tension (SENT) specimen is used to study the fatigue crack growth rate (FCGR) behavior of AISI 50100 steel using MTS...

Authors: Abdul Basit, Gildas L’Hostis, Bernard Durand

Abstract: In this work the two epoxy composites the controlled behavior of composite material (CBCM) and the thermally activated symmetrical composite...

Authors: Hassan Ijaz, L. Gornet, M.A. Khan, W. Saleem, K. Nisar, S.R. Chaudry

Abstract: The global behavior of composite materials is strongly influenced by the quality of adhesion between different components. A component can...

Authors: Navida Ahmad, Shazia Amir, Rafia Naheed, Zafar Iqbal Baig, Masroor-ul-Hassan Rizvi

Abstract: Mechanical properties of HTPB (binder) strongly depend on its microstructure. Microstructure of HTPB consists of three major configurations...

Authors: Shao Gang Wang, Yan Li, Wei Guo Zhai

Abstract: The dissimilar metals components of duplex stainless steels are more and more used in engineering fields recently. But the welding of...

Authors: Hammad Rahman, Rehan Jamshed, Aurangzeb Khan, Hassan Ijaz, Li Min

Abstract: Internally pressurized tape wound composite shells of revolution with plugged ends are immensely utilize in commercial and aerospace...

Authors: Xiao Quan Cheng, Yasir Baig, Zheng Neng Li

Abstract: An investigation based on experimental and analytical approaches was conducted to evaluate the behavior of the stitched laminates under...

Authors: Hu Sun, Li Zhou

Abstract: Structural health monitoring based on Lamb wave attracts great attention in large-span structures. Lamb wave propagation in complex...


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