Influence of Electron Irradiation on the Yellow Luminescence in Undoped n-GaN


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The yellow luminescence (YL) band in unintentional doped n-GaN irradiated by 10 MeV electrons has been investigated by means of photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy. The YL intensity increased after electron irradiation and thermal annealing, indicating that the deep level defects are created by electron irradiation and thermal annealing. These deep level point defect complexes arising from the irradiation introduced Ga vacancies and oxygen donor impurities are responsible for the YL.



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J.Y. Liang and D.G. Li




L. M. Liang et al., "Influence of Electron Irradiation on the Yellow Luminescence in Undoped n-GaN", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 571, pp. 125-128, 2012

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September 2012




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