Effect of Ionization Potential on Molecular Field-Free Alignment


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The alignment behaviors of polyatomic molecules under femtosecond laser pulses are experimentally and theoretically investigated. We observe the field-free alignment in C2H2 and CO2 molecules with High-Order Harmonic Generation (HHG) and discuss the evolution of the molecular rotational wave-packet with different laser parameters and ionization potentials. The results show that the molecular alignment degree depends not only on the laser parameters, but also on the molecular ionization potential. Finally we suggest the optimal aligning laser intensity to maximize the alignment degree for practical application.



Edited by:

J.Y. Liang and D.G. Li




J. J. Wu et al., "Effect of Ionization Potential on Molecular Field-Free Alignment", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 571, pp. 687-691, 2012

Online since:

September 2012




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