Opto-Electronics Engineering and Materials Research

Volume 571

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.571

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Authors: Yu Hong Liu, Shui Wang

Abstract: Designs and implements an embedded multimedia player on Samsung S3C6410 platform; this player can support both hardware and software...

Authors: Jia Jun Wu, Bang Lei Huang, Heng Hu, Peng Fei Wei

Abstract: The alignment behaviors of polyatomic molecules under femtosecond laser pulses are experimentally and theoretically investigated. We observe...

Authors: Nuan Song, Yang Jiao, Ya Ji Song, Chun Hui Liu

Abstract: This article in view of the firing range and speed of ballistic test parameters, follow the "virtual instrument" thought to design a...

Authors: Wei Zhou, Bao Bin Liu

Abstract: Online testing system based on frequency response analysis is proposed for the deformation of transformer winding. The structure of testing...

Authors: Hui Yang, Feng Li, Bai Gang Sun, Dan Dan Tian, Yao Ying Song, Da Peng Guo, Xian Zhi Gao

Abstract: Structures of liquid-fuel injection in supersonic crossflow is studied experimentally. Schemes of flush-wall injector and aviation kerosene...

Authors: Hong Bing Li, Yan Wang, Jian Gong

Abstract: The received echo signals from different targets are considered as coherent in the MIMO radar. In order to improve the performance of...

Authors: Jian Gong, Chun Yang Wang, Hong Bing Li

Abstract: A novel method employing Multi-Stage Wiener Filter (MSWF) and polynomial rooting is proposed for the one-dimensional angle estimation of...

Authors: Lei Sang, Jie Zhang, Xin Qun Wang

Abstract: In the temperature measurement system of distributed optical fiber based on Raman back-scattering, the temperature measurement depends on a...

Authors: Cai Peng

Abstract: A miniature ultra-wideband (UWB) bandpass filter using three-quarters wavelength resonators is presented in this paper. Direct-connected...

Authors: Zhi Kuan He, Song Bo Wu, Yu Gui Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, an optimal design method for a CCD driving signal is proposed. Strict phase alignment of CCD driving signals is achieved....


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