Opto-Electronics Engineering and Materials Research

Volume 571

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.571

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Authors: Yu Fang Sha, Mei Zhao, Ming Quan Yang, Hai Xin Bai, Man Zhao

Abstract: Biological multilayer films of redox polymer and horseradish peroxidase (HRP) were successfully assembled on a screen-printed carbon...

Authors: Peng Xiao, Xiao Yu Zhang, Hong Wei Lu

Abstract: Cu-1.37Cr alloy powders were prepared by gas atomization process, and the cooling rates of alloy powders were calculated through the...

Authors: Lei Zhang

Abstract: Nanofluids are a new class of heat transfer fluids and offer an important advantage on conventional heat transfer fluids. The...

Authors: Ding Wang Gong, Zhen Bo Liu, Hua Wei Huang, Chang Qing Zhang, Chen Liang

Abstract: Fast-growing plant wood, Micheliamacclurel wood, was modified by formation of wood-polymer composite to improve its decay resistance. Two...

Authors: Xiu Qi Liu, He Qin Xing, Hong Chen, Jia Tong Liu

Abstract: In this study, a new composite was prepared for aniline adsorption by melt blending with EPDM as the matrix and natural zeolite was modified...

Authors: Qiu He Yang, Shu Jun Shen, Li Xia Wang

Abstract: To obtain high properties of laser cladding layer, and to expand the service life of the mold, the laser cladding layer with Ni-WC and SiC...

Authors: Yi Huang, Feng Miao, Jian Ma

Abstract: The γ-LiAlO2:Co 3+ ceramics were successfully fabricated by using multi-mode cavity microwave furnace, and the...

Authors: Jian Cui

Abstract: EPS light-aggregate concrete is a new kind of light aggregate concrete and is paid more attention by engineers in the field for superior...

Authors: Xiu Hua Duan, Huan Qin Wang, Wen Juan Sun, De Yi Kong, Zhan Zhao

Abstract: Some experiments found that the low-frequncy sound absorption performance can be improved by inserting MPP into the multi-layer porous...

Authors: Jun Jing Li, Hui Ling Liu, Zhi Wei Wang, Xiu Wen Cheng

Abstract: Electrolytically deposited palladium on polypyrrole film, which is electropolymerized using potentiostatic method, covered foam nickel...


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