Opto-Electronics Engineering and Materials Research

Volume 571

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.571

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Authors: Peng Hui Rao, Bang Lei Huang, Jia Jun Wu, Heng Hu, Peng Fei Wei

Abstract: We investigate the angular distribution of high harmonic generation (HHG) from impulsively aligned CO2 molecules driving by the femtosecond...

Authors: Xuan Ke Zhao

Abstract: The random lasing emission from granular-surface PS:PMMA:Alq3:DCJTB blend films was investigated. By micro-phase separation of...

Authors: Jian Jun Chen, Zhen Ma, Xue Ting Duan, Qiong Liu, Juan Han, Xing Fu

Abstract: For the purpose of stray light suppression, black anodized and sandblasted aluminum alloy is widespread used in spaceborne cameras. Base on...

Authors: Liang Min Zhang

Abstract: Hybrid photovoltaic concepts based on a nanoscale combination of organic and inorganic semiconductors are promising way to enhance the cost...

Authors: Li Min Liang, Xin Jian Xie, Qiu Yan Hao, Yuan Tian, Wei Zhong Sun, Cai Chi Liu

Abstract: The yellow luminescence (YL) band in unintentional doped n-GaN irradiated by 10 MeV electrons has been investigated by means of...

Authors: Lu Lu, Zhi Long Wang

Abstract: The nano Y2O2S:Eu 3+0.01 were prepared with solvohtermal method. Using ethylenediamine as solvent, at 220°C...

Authors: Jun Luo, Ying Chen, Sheng Wu Kang, Xin Yu Zhang, Chang Sheng Xie, Tian Xu Zhang

Abstract: We present the design and fabrication of metamaterials, and investigated the power transmission properties of the metamaterials in the...

Authors: Xiao Xiao Li, Bin Zhao Cao

Abstract: Complicated microwave cavity loaded with ceramics is first investigated by mode matching method in rubidium frequency standard. In order to...

Authors: Xin Jian Xie, Qiu Yan Hao, Li Min Liang, Yin Ying Li, Cai Chi Liu

Abstract: In this work, the preferential chemical etching of dislocations on (0001) sapphire surface was investigated. The sapphire was etched by...

Authors: Xin Jian Xie, Qiu Yan Hao, Li Min Liang, Yin Ying Li, Cai Chi Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of reactor pressure on the quality of GaN epilayer grown by Hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) is reported. A...


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