Opto-Electronics Engineering and Materials Research

Volume 571

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.571

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Authors: Zhao Xi Wu, Yu Zhan Wei, Jian Cui, Shui Sheng Wang, Xiao Peng Dong

Abstract: A new method of using fiber Bragg gratings as the sensing elements in the measurement of temperature rises of electrical appliances is...

Authors: Qing Meng Li, Jun Hai Zhang, Qiang Liu, Zong Jun Huang, Wei Min Sun

Abstract: This paper described an all-optical cesium atomic magnetometer whose measuring sensitivity achieves 0.3pT/Hz1/2. In order to achieve high...

Authors: Xian Jin Zeng, Jun Hai Zhang, Qiang Liu, Zong Jun Huang, Wei Min Sun

Abstract: Recently, atomic magnetometers have been researched widely for its ultra high sensitivity. But the influence of pump light’s duty cycle on...

Authors: Yi Nan Tang, Xiao Ping Xie, Wei Zhao

Abstract: A multi-scatter propagation model based on Monte Carlo method is presented. This model can be applied to all the geometries, including...

Authors: Xiang Chen, Jun Yong Tang

Abstract: CCD intersection measuring is an untouched technique that used to measure the coordinates of aerial moving targets, which has been widely...

Authors: Jian Guo Yuan, Qing Zhen Tong, Liang Xu

Abstract: A novel ameliorated construction method of low density parity check(LDPC) codes, based on the construction method of Systematically...

Authors: Yui Gui Zhang, Tao Li, Zhi Kuan He

Abstract: As the core device of Low-light-level imaging technology, EMCCD noise performance determines imaging results of camera system at the most...

Authors: Hai Ming Zheng, Zhen Liang Dong, Dong Shui Xie, Xiao Xiao Shang

Abstract: Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy(DOAS) is widely used to determine concentrations of atmospheric species. This paper makes a...

Authors: Ping Qin, Chao Xu, Dong Chen

Abstract: A first-principles study of LaB6 and NdB6 has been done in order to investigate their lattice constants, cell volumes, electronic structures...

Authors: Li Ping Yan, Shu Li, Lai Gen Luo, Min Zhang, Jing Xin Dong

Abstract: In the fiber-sensing gas detection system, characteristic of near infrared absorption spectrum of the detected gas is greatly significant....


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