Advances in Rolling Equipment and Technologies II

Volume 572

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Dong Zhang, Xian Lin Chen

Abstract: Two new types of six-high cold mills, CVC6 and UCMW, are equally equipped with perfect control systems to meet demands for thinner sheet...

Authors: Fei He, Quan Yang, Bao Jian Wang

Abstract: With more and more process data acquired from manufacturing process, extracting useful information to build empirical models of past...

Authors: Jian Liang Sun, Yan Peng, Hong Min Liu, Gang Liu

Abstract: Took the heavy cylinder rolling mill as subject investigated, which is used to produce the nuclear power cylinder, the large hydrogenation...

Authors: Su Wen Chen, Hong Min Liu, Yan Peng, Jian Liang Sun, Bin Bin Sun

Abstract: Rolling force is an important technological parameter in designing of the 3700mm cylindrical shell rolling mill. Due to the characteristics...

Authors: Li Jing Han, Jian Hong Yang, Min Lin, Jin Wu Xu

Abstract: Hot strip tail flick is an abnormal production phenomenon, which brings many damages. To recognize the tail flick signals from all throwing...

Authors: Xiao Chen Wang, Ze Wei Mao, Quan Yang

Abstract: This paper expatiated on principles of high pressure abrasive water jet descaling; used GAMBIT and some experience parameters to create the...

Authors: Quan Yang, Yan Zhang, Cheng Wei Li, Zheng Liu

Abstract: Based on 3D-FEM simulation, a model on influence of strip wave-shape upon the running deviation in the continuous annealing line was...

Authors: Lin Zhou, Zun Feng Ke, Ying Biao Zhao, Wei Wei He, Li Ping He

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy and performance of long products, increase the metal yield, more better ensure high speed and continuous...

Authors: Fei Zhang, Li Feng Ye, Wen Quan Sun, Xiao Huai Ren

Abstract: In response to the characteristics of large time delay, nonlinear, various disturbances in Monitor AGC system for cold rolling mill, a...


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