Experimental Study on the Separation of CO2 from Flue Gas Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors with Mixed Absorbents


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The absorption of carbon dioxide from nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen mixture was investigated in a hollow fiber membrane module using six different MEA-MDEA and PG-MDEA aqueous solutions mix ratios. Under moderate operating conditions, the CO2 removal efficiency and the mass transfer rate were studied on a pilot-scale test facility. The experimental results showed that when the higher MDEA proportion in mixed absorbent was, the lower the CO2 removal efficiency was and the longer efficient running time was. The optimal MDEA proportion in mixed absorbent is 3:2, which have high CO2 removal efficiency (99%) and long efficient running time.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 573-574)

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Zhenyu Du and Peiyu Ren




R. Chen and L. X. Cui, "Experimental Study on the Separation of CO2 from Flue Gas Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors with Mixed Absorbents", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 573-574, pp. 18-22, 2012

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October 2012





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