Green Building and Sustainable Civil Engineering

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Authors: Xue Qun Wang, Xiang Ying Dong
Abstract: An interesting result that has been observed here is that systems that have two-level hierarchical control can exhibit a special form of fault-tolerance.. This concept is illustrated using an example of displacement control in a 4 floor building subject to seismic excitation. The two-level system performance, for both actuator malfunctions and model uncertainties is compared with a centralized robust control design using H-∞ optimization with respect to the exogenous seismic inputs.
Authors: Guo Qiang Cheng, Xue Fei Shi
Abstract: For questions of the accident investigation of bridge,forensic engineering system of bridge is presented to find out the cause of collapse。New framework is proposed for forensic engineering system of bridge,including conception、principle、 independent investigation、member of investigation group、time limit of investigation and legal status of investigation conclusion.
Authors: Xia Mu, Ying Huang
Abstract: Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Tortoise constitute four Gods in the ancient China. comprehension of these four Gods is of great help to realize Chinese culture. As the representatives of ancient Chinese gods, these four administer the East, the West, the South and the North respectively. They are always respected and revered by Chinese people, and people take them as the gods to suppress evils. Especially the dragon, it is the god representing the spirit of Chinese nation and also symbolizing the emperors in ancient China. For this reason, the image of four Gods express incomparable role in the traditional Chinese architectural ornament.
Authors: Tie Ming Guo, Xue Bing Liu
Abstract: Some architectural equipment about the application of solar energy is introduced, which includes hot water supply, heating system, air conditioning system, lighting system and so on. And emphatically solar energy technologies used widely on the rural community are introduced. Some careful questions are pointed out on application of solar energy.
Authors: Jin Qi Li, Jian Wei Yan
Abstract: The development of rail transit and the construction above subway station (CASS) will have profound influence on city. This paper tries to take Tianjin’s practical situation into consideration, and after analyzing the theories and CASS in and abroad, attempts to find objective law between rail transit and urban development in Tianjin from the interaction of M1 (Metro 1 of Tianjin subway system) construction and urban development. Base on the existing problems and experience, this paper puts forward the methods of exploitation above subway station and the qualitative indicators. Then take an under construction station’s exploitation as an example, raising qualitative principles and quantitative indicators to the site construction nearby. By doing this, aim at leading the future CASS and realizing the harmonious interaction between the development of urban rail transit and land use above it.
Authors: Zi Qi He
Abstract: We have developed a framework for the design of a computer-based LCA tool for the briefing stage of design. The tool helps designer by producing directions, guidelines and concepts for the solution. LCA tool is created using two main phases. First a knowledge-base is created then a computer system is built using the knowledge-base. In this paper we described our approach for building the knowledge-base, and briefly overviewed the computer system which will be described in a sequel paper. The developed tool has several advantages: it provides a systematic way of analysis for the briefing stage and incorporates sustainability issues on it. By sorting information into a hierarchy, it is relatively easy to develop a strategy and research plan for uncovering missing information.
Authors: Zi Qi He
Abstract: The construction of the city civil engineering project, which takes an important position in the renewal of a city, is very important for changing a city’s appearance, solving the residential problems, and improving a city’s quality and realizing the sustainable development of regional economy. It is significant to research and discuss theories and methods of sustainable development of civil engineering projects and provide reference for existing and future projects. The results show that the GRA is a very effective method to evaluate sustainable development of the civil engineering project. And the evaluation results of sustainable development can help the government make policy of the sustainable development of the civil engineering project.
Authors: Rui Yang
Abstract: Along with the increasing more civil buildings constructed in the real world, it becomes extremely critical to implement optimization and design on the internal structure of buildings at present. Heating design not only has a close relationship with the full exertion of the use performance of buildings and also plays a larger influence on the quality of the daily life of the home owners. For this reason, it is highly necessary for the design units to implement the operations in accordance with the required standards when making a plan on a building heating system, aiming at drawing up a more scientific heating solution for the normal use. According to the related problems existing in the current building heating design flows, the standardized flow of civil building design is analyzed by the author in this paper.
Authors: Jia Yue Lou
Abstract: Affected by both government policies and social changes, indemnificatory apartment and green building have become two essential parts in the field of construction and real estate market. The green indemnificatory apartment has come into being with four systems on construction technology. This article introduces these advanced systems and puts forward some suggestions in the end. Analyze the current situation and then make a conclusion that the indemnificatory apartment is an inevitable trend of this era.

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