Green Building and Sustainable Civil Engineering

Volume 575

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Qun Wang, Xiang Ying Dong

Abstract: An interesting result that has been observed here is that systems that have two-level hierarchical control can exhibit a special form of...

Authors: Guo Qiang Cheng, Xue Fei Shi

Abstract: For questions of the accident investigation of bridge,forensic engineering system of bridge is presented to find out the cause of...

Authors: Xia Mu, Ying Huang

Abstract: Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Tortoise constitute four Gods in the ancient China. comprehension of these four Gods is of...

Authors: Tie Ming Guo, Xue Bing Liu

Abstract: Some architectural equipment about the application of solar energy is introduced, which includes hot water supply, heating system, air...

Authors: Jin Qi Li, Jian Wei Yan

Abstract: The development of rail transit and the construction above subway station (CASS) will have profound influence on city. This paper tries to...

Authors: Zi Qi He

Abstract: We have developed a framework for the design of a computer-based LCA tool for the briefing stage of design. The tool helps designer by...

Authors: Zi Qi He

Abstract: The construction of the city civil engineering project, which takes an important position in the renewal of a city, is very important for...

Authors: Rui Yang

Abstract: Along with the increasing more civil buildings constructed in the real world, it becomes extremely critical to implement optimization and...

Authors: Jia Yue Lou

Abstract: Affected by both government policies and social changes, indemnificatory apartment and green building have become two essential parts in the...


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