Reducing Non-Value Added Process for an Automotive Component Using Finite Element Modeling


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The research work focuses on sheet metal stamping process simulation of an automotive component known as bracket assembly upper spring made from low carbon steel and has axis-symmetrical cup shape that employs four multi-stage drawing processes. Non-value added drawing stages (optimization process) reduced and portrayed from the formability simulation result using finite element modeling (FEM) method. The modified design, with reduction of one draw stage, showed that the risk of the component to form cracks is lesser, the material elements are further away from the failure zone of the forming limit diagram (FLD) and it meets the requirement for minimum thickness. The FEM simulation was able to predict the formability and optimize the design of a sheet metal forming process that lowered the product cost and improve cycle time.



Edited by:

Mustafizur Rahman, Erry Yulian Triblas Adesta, Mohammad Yeakub Ali, A.N. Mustafizul Karim, Md. Abdul Maleque, Hazleen Anuar, Tasnim Firdaus Mohamed Ariff, NMohammad Iqbal, Noorasikin Samat and Noor Azlina Hassan




R. Jaafar et al., "Reducing Non-Value Added Process for an Automotive Component Using Finite Element Modeling", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 576, pp. 737-741, 2012

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October 2012




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