Energy Material, Chemical Engineering and Mining Engineering

Volume 577

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Li Li, Zhi Wei Wang

Abstract: Biomass is an important energy material, which can be used for power generation in large scale after briquetting. In the paper, the...

Authors: Jun Chao Zheng, Xiao Cong He, Jing Nan Xu, Kai Zeng, Yan Fang Ding, Yue Bo Hu

Abstract: The clinch joining technique can be used to join energy saving materials based on a cost effective, environmentally friendly process. In...

Authors: Bin Shao, Qing Hua Yu, Xiao Hong Li

Abstract: This thesis introduces design principle, methods and composition of a new test device for carbon dioxide absorbents as energy materials...

Authors: Ding Guo Zhao, Xiao Jie Cui, Shu Huan Wang, Long Chen

Abstract: The largest proportion of element in master alloys were iron and pure iron smelting industrial used accounts for 70% of the total raw...

Authors: Nan He, Zhong Fu Tan, Shu Xiang Wang, Yang Hou

Abstract: Generation permits trade plays a key role in the economic generation dispatch. The application of new energy materials has a positive...

Authors: San Xin Wang, Ze Yu Wu

Abstract: Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) alloys (Fe71.2B24Y4.8)96Nb4-xZrx (x = 1-4 at.%) with a maximum diameter of 5 mm were synthesized with low...

Authors: Feng Lan Han, Qi Xing Yang, Lan Er Wu, Sheng Wei Guo, Yong Jiang

Abstract: Environmental performances of fluorite used as catalyzer for chemical reaction between MgO and Si were investigated by performing pilot...

Authors: Chang Lu, Yuan Qing Liang, Hui Hui Li

Abstract: In this paper air was passed through into one progress temperature-controlled box with coal sample and nitrogen into another as comparison...

Authors: Ding Guo Zhao, Xiao Jie Cui, Shu Huan Wang, He Jun Zhang

Abstract: The thermodynamic analysis shown that oxygen content in master alloy is very low, so other alloy elements content which are balance to...


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