Advanced Research on Energy Materials and Material Application

Volume 578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Yu Qu, Ru Wang, Ying Chao Zhou

Abstract: Composite power supply technology is an efficient way to solve the energy performance problem of EV, it makes battery with high energy...

Authors: Nai Wei Zou, Er Ping Zhang, Yu Ting Wei, Xiu Min Yu, Qun Liang Dai

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of high fluctuation and periodicity of output power during working process of wheel loader, hybrid drive...

Authors: Wei Xian Xue, Rong Guo

Abstract: Since energy saving and energy materials is becoming a hot theme, the new energy industry is developing quickly in China, but it is vague...

Authors: Rong Jun Su

Abstract: Power integrated circuit chip(ICC) is one kind of environmental material for energy saving. In order to analyze the reliability on...

Authors: Wen Ge Chen

Abstract: Printing quality mainly depends on reproduction of the color and level, paper and ink influence the reproduction of color and level. In this...

Authors: Wei Su, Hong Zhi Ma, Yu Hui Ma, Qun Hui Wang, Xing Yu Chen

Abstract: Steel pipe applications are more widely used, but there are no comparative analysises about the environmental impact and energy consum of...

Authors: Yang Xing, Lv Yang Liu, Zhao Qin Su, Li Wei Zhu, Jian Xin Jiang

Abstract: Lespedeza crytobotrya is a shrub species with properties of substantial biomass and widely distributes in the desert region of China. The...

Authors: Ju Er Tong, Ci Fang Wu, Hui Wang, Chuan Bing Zhu

Abstract: This study conducted the quantitative analysis on the structure change of land use in Xinchang County using Lorenz curve and Gini...

Authors: Ju Er Tong, Ci Fang Wu, Hui Wang, Qian Li

Abstract: In order to explore the energy land space, protect the environment, optimize the allocation of land resources, land use planning should be...


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