Cinder Supported CaO/KF Catalyst Material and its Application in Continuous Biodiesel Production


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This study aimed to apply cinder supported CaO/KF particle catalyst in heterogeneous transesterification of soybean oil. In this system, a specially designed column reactor was used for the reaction. Eighty grams of catalyst were loaded and reaction temperature were set at 65°C. The effects of material flow rate and molar ratio of methanol to oil were investigated. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) results showed that at different conditions, the triglyceride (TG) conversion turning points kept around 82%. When flow rate was 3mL min-1, the maximum amount of biodiesel could be produced. Larger amount of biodiesel could be produced at lower methanol/oil molar ratio, but higher TG conversions were achieved at higher methanol/oil molar ratio. The leakage of K2O from the surface of catalyst was the main reason for the catalyst deactivity, the regular crystal forms of the catalyst material were changed after usage.



Edited by:

Helen Zhang, David Jin and X.J. Zhao




Y. Shao et al., "Cinder Supported CaO/KF Catalyst Material and its Application in Continuous Biodiesel Production", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 578, pp. 58-62, 2012

Online since:

October 2012




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