Study on Energy Saving by Means and Potentiality of Hybrid Wheel Loader with Energy Materials


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Based on the characteristics of high fluctuation and periodicity of output power during working process of wheel loader, hybrid drive technology can provide a solution for fuel saving and fuel reduction of wheel loader through power adjustment function and energy recycle feature. Aiming at power output motion of wheel loader duty cycle, 7 means for hybrid wheel loader to save fuel have been proposed; contribution to save fuel and easiness to realize the goal under current technical conditions of each means has also been assessed. It is considered that there are two categories of wheel loader energy saving technology: one is to increase fuel utilization rate, and the other is improve transmission efficiency of torque converter. However, realizing one of these two aspects can not save fuel ideally; improvement in both aspects will bring satisfactory energy materials saving effects.



Edited by:

Helen Zhang, David Jin and X.J. Zhao




N. W. Zou et al., "Study on Energy Saving by Means and Potentiality of Hybrid Wheel Loader with Energy Materials", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 578, pp. 7-11, 2012

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October 2012




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