Optical Image Inspection of Cutting Tool Geometry for Grinding Machines


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The purpose of this paper is to develop a tool image inspection and measuring system by C++ Builder. Firstly, tool images are captured online for geometry analysis via a disassembled inspection mechanism mounted on the Z-axis of a five-axis tool grinding machine. One can use the controller of the machine to set the coordinate location of the mechanism and implement the humanized functions of autofocusing and automatic measurements. The digital images are calculated by the subpixel approach to improve the measurement resolution, and filtered the edge point location by Hough transform to upgrade the precision. The human machine interface (HMI) has a tutoring manner for users to operate the measuring procedures. These proposed functions can measure the geometric dimension such as the diameter, radius, and angle of different end mills or drills after finishing the tool grinding processes. Furthermore, the grinding processes can refer the online measured results to compensate the tool dimension. Therefore, this online image inspection and measuring system can improve the precision of tool grinding, product quality, and reduce the product cost. Finally, experiments are presented to show that the repeatability errors are ± 2 μm and ± 1 μm for the diameter and the radius measurements of end mills, respectively. The percentage error is 0.116% for measuring the point angle of a drill. Thus, the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method that can be employed to measure tool geometry of different cutting tools.



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Zone-Ching Lin, You-Min Huang, Chao-Chang Arthur Chen and Liang-Kuang Chen




J. Y. Chen et al., "Optical Image Inspection of Cutting Tool Geometry for Grinding Machines", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 579, pp. 235-242, 2012

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October 2012




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