Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis on Neck-Spinning Process of Thick-Walled Tube at an Elevated Temperature


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Tube spinning is a metal forming process used to manufacture axisymmetric products. This study chose a seamless thick-walled steel tube to manufacture a high pressure vessel. Finite element analysis was successfully applied to the neck-spinning process of a thin-walled tube; however, previous research has not investigated the neck-spinning process of thick-walled tubes. Therefore, the aim of this research was to investigate numerically the neck-spinning process of thick-walled tubes at an elevated temperature. The commercial software Abaqus/Explicit was adopted in the simulation. This paper compares experimental and simulation results on thickness distribution and outer contour of the spun tube. During the final stage, the average deviations between the simulation and experiment were 6.74% in thickness and 4.97% in outer contour. The simulation results correspond with those derived in the experiment.



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Zone-Ching Lin, You-Min Huang, Chao-Chang Arthur Chen and Liang-Kuang Chen




C. C. Huang et al., "Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis on Neck-Spinning Process of Thick-Walled Tube at an Elevated Temperature", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 579, pp. 269-277, 2012

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October 2012




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