Powder Technology and Application

Volume 58

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.58

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Authors: Zheng Xu, Shou Ci Lu

Abstract: A new electrostatic dispersion device was designed to reduce the agglomeration of fine powder in the air. This device is using the repulse...

Authors: Xiang Zhong Ren, Pei Xin Zhang, Jian Hong Liu, Qian Ling Zhang

Abstract: Ag/polypyrrole(PPy) composite nanoparticles within 100 to 150nm diameter were successfully synthesized. Fourier transform infrared...

Authors: Xiao Hua Liu, Xing Dong Lv, Jian Xia Fu, Peng Peng, Guo Sheng Gai

Abstract: Silica fume is the dust recovered from the smoke released while smelting Si or Si-Fe alloy. The papers gives an overview of silica fume...

Authors: Yu Liang An, Yan Qiu Liu, Xia Yuan

Abstract: A novel and practical route for preparing carbon nanocapsules using biomass – starch as the starting materials was presented. Carbon...

Authors: Zhen Fu Lu, Wan Zhong Yin, Xiao Liang Chang, Yue Xin Han

Abstract: A lager amount of iron ore is to be exploited in Yezhugou region, Liaoning Province. Analysis indicated that the main valuable mineral was...

Authors: Qing Guo Tang, Jin Sheng Liang, Jun Ping Meng, Fei Wang, Li Wei Li, Yang Xian Li

Abstract: Mineral attapulgite powders were heat treated at different temperature from 100°C to 800°C. The effect of heat treatment on properties of...

Authors: Gang Xue, Xiao Ming Wu, Jin Sheng Liang, Yan Ding, Li Hua Liu

Abstract: The powders of mineral materials with far infrared radiation (CTTP) were prepared using rare earth cerium nitrate, tourmaline and transition...

Authors: Jing Hui Wang, Xin Li, Jun Wei Ye, Yuan Lin, Gui Ling Ning

Abstract: In this paper, magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) nanoparticles with tunable morphologies have been selectively synthesized via a facile...


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