Powder Technology and Application

Volume 58

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.58

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Authors: Qing Liang Yang, Jia Xiang Liu, Yun Bo Zhou

Abstract: The turbo air classifier is one of the most widely used equipment in powder classification. The complex flow behaviour inside it, however,...

Authors: Xiao Hua Liu, Jian Xia Fu, Li Li, Xing Dong Lv, Peng Peng, Guo Sheng Gai

Abstract: Chinese maifan-stone (CMS) is Chinese traditional mineral medicine, in which there are lots of soluble mineral elements. In this paper...

Authors: Li Jun Han, Jin Sheng Liang

Abstract: The little disturbance theory in quantum mechanics was used to research the frequency and the high emissivity of far infrared emission from...

Authors: Ning Chang Liu, Zhao Feng Li

Abstract: In cement industry, many grinding up systems are on operating now. The tradition process of tube mill grinding system is high energy...

Authors: Peng Peng, Jia Xiong Ke, Liang Hua Zhang, Ping Feng Fu, Xiao Hua Liu

Abstract: In order to prevent sphalerite particles from coming together in leaching solution, and to reduce the loss of organic solvent, the surface...

Authors: Fei Wang, Qing Guo Tang, Jin Sheng Liang

Abstract: Polypropylene-palygorskite composites were prepared by melt mixing, using polypropylene as polymer matrix and palygorskite as inorganic...

Authors: Fei Wang, Jin Sheng Liang, Qing Guo Tang, Na Wang, Li Wei Li

Abstract: Thermal insulating latex paint for exterior wall was prepared by water as dispersing media, polyacrylic emulsion as basic material,...

Authors: Fei Wang, Jin Sheng Liang, Qing Guo Tang, Yan Ding, Na Wang

Abstract: The composite materials for self-operating temperature were prepared by sepiolite and dodecanol as materials. Then thermal insulation putty...

Authors: Yi Min Zhu, Yue Xin Han, Xiao Yu Wang, Xu Wang

Abstract: A precipitation-pyrolysis process was developed for the synthesis of MgO nano-particles with diameter of 20~100 nm by using organic reagent,...

Authors: Ying Su, Xing Dong Lv, Guo Sheng Gai, Yu Fen Yang

Abstract: An attempt was made to prepare the SiO2/cenosphere composite, for which a dense layer of SiO2 particles were successfully coated on the...


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