Mechanical Properties and Structural Materials

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Authors: Chang Yin Gao, Wan Quan Li
Abstract: In order to accomplish the static calibration of piezoelectric dynamometer, the principle and structure of a multifunctional high-precision, high rigidity static calibration platform is manufactured in this paper. The screw loading mechanisms are used to achieve vertical force and horizontal forces, and its value can directly obtained by the standard measuring ring. The torque load adopts “force × lever arm" law, that is, the two horizontal loading mechanisms are relatively shifted to form force arm, and at the same time two parallel forces that have the same magnitude and opposite directions are generated. After accuracy and rigidity experiments, the static calibration platform has reached the calibration standard stipulated by CIRP-STCC. Undoubtedly, the calibration platform can use to calibrate unidirectional force, two component force sensor, three-component piezoelectric dynamometer and the drilling dynamometer, such as sensitivity, linearity, repeatability, hysteresis and crosstalk.
Authors: Yue Zhang, Li Han, You Jun Zhang, Xi Chuan Zhang
Abstract: The machining process of titanium alloys always need special control by using coolant and lubricant as it is one of the difficult-to-cut materials. The cutting experiments are carried out based on green cooling and lubricating technology. To achieve green cutting of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V with water vapor cooling and lubricating, a minitype generator is developed. Compared to dry and wet cutting, the using of water vapor decreases the cutting force and the cutting temperature respectively; enhances the machined surface. And it can help to chip forming and breaking. Water vapor application also improves Ti-6Al-4V machinability. The excellent cooling and lubricating action of water vapor could be summarized that water molecule has polarity, small diameter and high speed, can be easily and rapidly to proceed adsorption in the cutting zone. The results indicate that the using of water vapor has the potential to attain the green cutting of titanium alloy.
Authors: Yi Wan, Qi Bo Cai, Huan Wang
Abstract: Optimized machine learning algorithm is applied to control modeling of high-speed electric-hydraulic proportional system of high nonlinear in this paper, a identification model of high-speed electric-hydraulic proportional system is built based on support vector machines, fusion intelligent method of dynamic self-adaptive internal model control and predictive control is realized for high-speed electric-hydraulic proportional control system. Internal model and inverse controller model are online adjusted together. Simulation shows the satisfactory tracking effect by intelligent technology of dynamic self-adaptive internal control and predictive control based on the support vector machine, the dynamic characteristic is greatly improved by the intelligent control strategy for high-speed electric-hydraulic proportional control system, good tracking and control effect is reached in condition of high frequency response. It provides a new intelligent control method for high-speed electric-hydraulic proportional system.
Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Ling Qin Meng
Abstract: In the design of the vibration screener, the calculation of screen box centroid has direct impact on the performance of the vibration screening machine. In traditional design, calculation of the screen box centroid is carried out through repeated calculations and the adjustment of the vibrator installation, of which the calculation process is tedious with low accuracy. This thesis deduces the formula of calculating screen box centroid by the way of mass decomposition method, and programs for calculation of the box centroid of Linear vibration screener through C language. With the computer aid, the present author realizes the accurate calculation of screen box centroid and enhances the level of design for vibration screener.
Authors: Chang Ming Qiu, Yan Feng Wang, Li Jun Guo, Jiu Yan Liu
Abstract: The single-bucket excavator is one of the major equipment of the open-air mining with a long history of earth and stone mining and transhipment. The working conditions of its pushing and retracting pinions (also called gears) are very poor and they are wearing parts. Use WD400 excavator as an example, the paper specific analyze the failure of the pinions, point out the measures to extend their life from the point of view of structural design.
Authors: De Gong Chang, Hong Tao Zhang, Fu Qin Yang, Rong Zong
Abstract: In this paper, a three-dimensional solid model of the cylinder mechanism which is used in carding machine was created by Pro/E. Then the solid model was introduced into ANSYS Workbench and the stress analysis was carried out by using finite element method. Finally, the analysis result was assessed by means of the stress contours. As shown in the contours, the maximum stress concentration parts of the cylinder mechanism were obtained. All above of these provide the theoretical basis for further research of the cylinder mechanism, especially for the improvement of the structure and the subsequent optimization as well as the heat treatment of the materials.
Authors: Lan Chun Zhang, Shao Yi Bei, Guo Qing Li
Abstract: In order to study the shift control of power split continuously variable transmission (PSCVT), the integrated shift dynamic models for the set of engine, magnetic powder clutch and transmission are established. The shift simulation shows that the magnetic powder clutch connecting condition can be adjusted and the shifting quality can be improved by means of controlling magnetic powders clutch field current, which at last result in the improvement of vehicle performance.
Authors: Wen Xing Li
Abstract: Optimization design method of drilling fixture of the steering knuckle of vehicles was studied. Based on its equivalent mechanical model established, the efficient and accurate optimization design method was proposed. Its finite element model of the optimization design was established. Its optimization structure was obtained. This optimization structure was applied to the drilling fixture of the steering knuckle of a vehicle. The weight after optimization design was reduced by 1.5% than its initial design, and this optimization drilling fixture does work well. The method and basis are supported for its design and performance analysis.
Authors: Qiong Lin, Bin Meng, Qing Hua Yang
Abstract: The numerical simulation for spur gear vibration extrusion is performed in this paper. The metal flow characteristic and load-stroke relationship during forming process is analyzed and then compared with traditional metal extrusion process. The results revealed the axial vibration of cavity die can both reduce forming load and benefit for metal flow, which could achieve better forming quality. Finally according to the processing requirements, the vibration generator and whole extrusion die structure is designed.

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