Research and Implementation of Brushless DC Motor Drive Controller Based on FPGA


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In the paper, a design method of brushless DC motor drive controller and its pure hardware implementation on FPGA is proposed. First, we design each module of the controller, including the proportional integral (PI) speed and current PI regulator, current detection module, position and speed detection module, PWM generator and commutation control module, which focuses on a PI regulator and the current detection section. Then, the logical design structure diagrams and the timing simulation waveforms are given. Finally, the overall system circuit are implemented on FPGA which can improve system integration, stability and reliability and easier to modify and upgrade. Simulation and experiment results indicate that this controller design method is reasonable and has stable operation.



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Y.M. Song




Y. J. Lei et al., "Research and Implementation of Brushless DC Motor Drive Controller Based on FPGA", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 580, pp. 387-390, 2012

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October 2012




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