Preparation and Characterization of CaSiO3 /Natural Rubber Composite


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A series of calcium silicate/rubber composites with different CaSiO3 contents was prepared. micro-morphology, vulcanizing properties and mechanical properties of CaSiO3/rubber were were characterized. It can be observed that mean particle size of CaSiO3 was 2.627 µm. The micro-morphology of particles were honeycomb structure on the particles of CaSiO3. As compared with NR, the least torque enhanced wtih increasing CaSiO3 content. Curing rate reduced with a rise of CaSiO3 content. The tensile strength and the elongation of composites was increased with increasing CaSiO3 content.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 581-582)

Edited by:

Jimmy (C.M.) Kao, Wen-Pei Sung and Ran Chen




M. Zhao et al., "Preparation and Characterization of CaSiO3 /Natural Rubber Composite", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 581-582, pp. 659-662, 2012

Online since:

October 2012





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