The Flocculating Properties of Cationic-Starch-Graft-Polyacrylamide and its Nano Magnetic Modified Product


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A series of Cationic-Starch-graft-Polyacrylamide (CP) copolymers have been synthesized in salt solution system under microwave radiation and modified by Nano magnetic Fe3O4 (NMCP). The two products were prepared as flocculants for coking wastewater treatment. The impact of CP dosage, NMCP dosage, PFS dosage, CTAB dosage and pH on flocculating effects was investigated. The result indicated that CP and NMCP could obviously improve flocculation performance without adjusting pH of wastewater. The optimal conditions were CP dosage 3 mg/L, NMCP dosage 20 mg/L, PFS dosage 1.2 g/L, CTAB dosage 60 mg/L. Under such circumstances, the removal rates of turbidity (NTU), chemical oxygen demand (CODCr) and colortity were 95.24%, 57.69% and 89.06%, respectively.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 581-582)

Edited by:

Jimmy (C.M.) Kao, Wen-Pei Sung and Ran Chen




G. H. Wang et al., "The Flocculating Properties of Cationic-Starch-Graft-Polyacrylamide and its Nano Magnetic Modified Product", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 581-582, pp. 723-726, 2012

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October 2012




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