Study of Glass Composite Structure Displacement Stressed by Atmospheric Factors


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This paper presents research of deflection of glass construction with sealed gas layer. Construction was stressed by climatic loads. The study aimed to verify the model described in the literature of mathematical phenomena of glass deflection of the composite set of two glass panes joined by a sealed gas chamber. For this purpose, a suitable stand for measuring the displacement of the structure stressed only by weather factors, such as pressure and temperature was built. The study confirmed that as the external pressure increased or that when air temperature decreased; the center became concave, while for the opposite set of factors the glass was convex. An appropriate mathematical relationship was derived and proved that the size of the displacement depends linearly on the ratio of the external air pressure to temperature.



Edited by:

B. Xu and H.Y. Li




Z. Respondek and M. Rajczyk, "Study of Glass Composite Structure Displacement Stressed by Atmospheric Factors", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 583, pp. 191-194, 2012

Online since:

October 2012




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