Optical and Mechanical Studies on Methyl N- Phenylsuccinamate (MPS)


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Single crystal of organic material Methyl N- phenylsuccinamate (MPS) has been grown by the slow evaporation technique using methanol as a solvent. The crystal belongs to orthorhombic system with non centrosymmetric space group Pna21. Optical transmittance and second harmonic generation efficiency of the grown crystals have been studied by UV-vis-NIR spectrum and Kurtz powder technique respectively. The transmittance of MPS crystal has been used to calculate the refractive index (n), the extinction coefficient (k) and reflectance (R). The laser induced surface damage threshold for the grown crystal has been measured using Nd:YAG laser. The mechanical behaviour of the MPS crystal has also been analyzed.



Edited by:

D. Rajan Babu




P. Vivek and P. Murugakoothan, "Optical and Mechanical Studies on Methyl N- Phenylsuccinamate (MPS)", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 584, pp. 51-55, 2012

Online since:

October 2012




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