Studies on the Growth Aspects of Thiourea Doped L-Alanine Hydrogenchloride: A Promising NLO Crystal


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A single crystal of L-alanine hydrogenchloride doped with thiourea has been synthesized and grown successfully by slow evaporation technique at room temperature. The cell parameters were determined by the X-ray diffraction analysis. The UV - visible spectral analysis has been recorded to study the optical transmittance in the range from 200nm to1200nm.The Fourier transform infrared analysis identified various functional groups present in the material.The dielectric measurement was made as function of frequency.HR-SEM studies confirms the inclusion of the dopant thiourea. The second harmonic generation efficiency has been determined by Kurtz powder test.



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D. Rajan Babu




P. Malliga et al., "Studies on the Growth Aspects of Thiourea Doped L-Alanine Hydrogenchloride: A Promising NLO Crystal", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 584, pp. 70-73, 2012

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October 2012




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